The Importance of the Annual Appraisal and Personal Development Planning


Every year, locum doctors undergo an annual appraisal for locum doctors as required by the General Medical Council (GMC). The purpose of the appraisal is to ensure the locum doctors continue to meet the standards set by the GMC and to identify any areas in which they may need further development.

Objectives of Annual Appraisal

The objectives of the annual appraisal are primarily to review the doctor’s performance, assess their development needs, and identify any areas of practice that may require further attention. The appraisal process helps to promote better working relationships between locum doctors and other healthcare professionals.

Preparation for the Appraisal

Before the appraisal, the locum doctor should gather evidence of their practice, including feedback from colleagues and patients. They should also reflect on their practice, identifying any areas where they feel they have done well and areas where they need improvement. This should be recorded in a Personal Development Plan (PDP).

The Appraisal Meeting

The appraisal meeting should be a structured conversation between the locum doctor and their appraiser. During the meeting, the appraiser will review the doctor’s evidence of practice and discuss their reflections on their performance. The appraiser will also provide feedback on areas where improvements can be made and identify any development needs.

The Personal Development Plan

Following the appraisal meeting, the doctor should create a Personal Development Plan (PDP) that addresses any identified development needs. The PDP should be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timely (SMART). The doctor should regularly review and update their PDP to ensure they are making progress towards their development goals.


The annual appraisal for locum doctors is an important process for ensuring their continued development and excellence in their practice. The appraisal provides valuable feedback and identifies areas of improvement. With proper preparation and follow-up, locum doctors can use the appraisal process to improve their practice and provide better patient care.

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